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Apparently in response to queries from people like me, the Foreign Secretary David Miliband has posted on his blog about the on-going Iraqi employees issue. Please read what he has to say and comment, but please please please take extra care to be polite when you’re over at his blog. If you’re looking for points to make, some suitable thoughts are easily available in the bulletpoints here.

One other thing: I’ve had comments I’ve posted at that blog vanish without trace in the past. I think it’s cock-up rather than conspiracy, and that the FCO isn’t entirely in control of how to run blogging software. So save a copy of your comment before you hit “submit”, just in case, and do be patient — the comments don’t appear immediately (I suppose for fairly obvious reasons).

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  1. Hmm. Here’s the comment I tried to leave, which doesn’t seem to have made it through the moderation process. Maybe I was a bit too ad hom, or maybe the moderation process is a bit more cumbersome than I thought?

    *** Thank you, Foreign Secretary, for addressing this important issue on your blog. But let me add my voice to those who have already argued that assessed risk and not length of service must be the chief criterion in deciding whether people are or are not going to be offered assistance and sanctuary.

    You write that “other Ministers and I believe that this is a sensible and honourable way forward”. But being honourable and believing yourselves to be honourable are two very different things, and it is very difficult to understand what can be honourable about abandoning someone to torture and violent death at the hands of a Mahdi Army death-squad merely because they worked for the British Army for nine months rather than, say, fourteen.

    If I can add a more personal note, Foreign Secretary? You owe your very existence to the British officials who extended asylum to your father on a boat from Ostend in May 1940 when he was a refugee in fear of his life. They did the right thing then, in helping to save that extraordinary man — and it really shouldn’t be too hard to do the right thing now. ***

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