Twisting in the Wind

The ministerial statement is here; comments from Dan Hardie, Daniel Davies, Jamie Kenny, Tim Ireland.

I agree — and I also have the same reaction I used to have when Michael Howard used to beat up on refugees and asylum seekers.

It seems to me extraordinary that the Foreign Secretary, whose father escaped from Ostend on the last boat to leave for England in May 1940 and was granted refugee status while at sea, should sign his name to a document arbitrarily abandoning some of the Iraqis whom we employed in and around Basra to the tender mercies of the Shi’ite death squads, and to whom we can easily offer sanctuary, just because they were employed for less than a year. That’s pretty disgraceful, and I expected better from Ralph Miliband’s son.

UPDATE [6.45pm]: Also: Sunny Hundal.

4 thoughts on “Twisting in the Wind”

  1. You expected better?

    By the time somebody has made it into cabinet, i tend to assume that they have slit so many throats that they are desensitised to human emotions like empathy, and have lost any notion they may once have had of moral responsibility. Consequently, concepts like ‘irony’ and ‘hypocrisy’ become meaningless (at least, outside issues of public image in relation to re-election prospects) to them.

  2. Oh, sure, politicians are poltiicians. But this case is such an easy case (overwhelming case for Doing the Right Thing, attached to vanishingly small costs), that there’s still a puzzle; and the puzzle deepens when the statement is issued by the son of a man who escaped death at the hands of the Nazis, and who has done, all things considered, a pretty good impersonation of a human being over the last decade or so.

  3. Yes, you’re right, there is still a puzzle.

    Though i suspect its explanation has something to do with stealing Tory policies and not wanting to appear “soft”, or doing things that admit too openly that Iraq is a total disaster.

    Though in turn I conceed that now that we have no election looming, and because everyone in the whole world knows Iraq is a total disaster, those reasons remain inadequate.

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