Iguana Smuggling

Until this week I had been completely unaware of the iguana smuggling issue. But first there was the story of the woman who tried to smuggle an iguana into Blackpool in her bra, and now the story of the man who tried to smuggle three iguanas into Fiji in his artificial leg.

(There’s a lot more iguana news than I think I had expected, in fact. Iguanas have also been surprising gardeners in Swansea over the Summer: “Obviously he was surprised to see it and realised it wasn’t a native species of the Mumbles.” And we have at least one iguana here in Oxfordshire.)

2 thoughts on “Iguana Smuggling”

  1. In my experience, snakes are a lot easier to smuggle. They sit in some warm, hammock-like part of your underwear and don’t move for hours.

    (Not that I support wild-animal smuggling. I think it’s one of the worst things ever and I would like to break heads. I’m just saying.)

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