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  1. Ah, i see Cricket’s attempts to appeal to the ADHD sugar-addicted, reared-on-Hollywood generation have sunk to a new low – in addition to a shortened version of the game (think of those attention spans and the hand moving inexorably to the remote control), designed to be played more recklessly, and which can even be performed at night (even though floodlights are surely the antithesis of a batsman’s careful eye), in addition to blaring, awful pop music, we now have FIREWORKS.

    OK i actually quite like Twenty20. But seriously, do you think the 6outof6 achievement is diminished when you bear in mind that Twenty20 is specifically designed to encourage hitting big runs quickly, especially as losing wickets is far less important? I mean, it’s obviously an impressive achievement (the technical ability to do that is amazing), but surely the psychological aspect of One Day matches (i don’t think anyone’s ever done it in a Test Match, have they?) makes hitting 6outof6 in one of those more of an achievement?

  2. Does “surely a greater achievement in a one-day match” apply when the one-day match was against Holland? I can accept that the conditions of 1960s county cricket or 1970s Ranji Trophy cricket would make it much harder (they almost certainly had stronger bowling than Holland, too), but this is the first time it’s been done in a match of any sort between Test-playing nations. And I imagine Stuart Broad is a better, quicker bowler than, say, Malcolm Nash was. I think he had his share of bowling in the last five overs of the India ODIs, when the risks of attempting this would be much the same. He’s certainly a better bowler than Daan van ruddy Bunge.

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