Iraqi Employees, Again

After a flurry of stories earlier in the Summer, the papers have quietened down a bit about the ongoing question of whether Iraqis who worked for the British in and around Basra are going to be given sanctuary in this country. The Government says it’s looking at the matter, and we expect to hear something later in the Autumn, but nothing has been done yet, many people are at risk of lethal attack right now, and we don’t have any reason to think that the Government will end up honouring the key demand that all those who have worked for the UK Armed Forces in Southern Iraq be granted asylum over here.

The papers aren’t entirely silent, though. You can read here about the grim situation in Basra and here about the violent death of Moayed Ahmed Khalaf.

And you can continue to do your bit for the cause: write to your MP, if you haven’t already; reply to your MP to emphasise your on-going concern, just in case you think he or she might be thinking that the issue has gone away; and, in particular, try to encourage your MP to go along to Committee Room 14 (St Stephen’s Entrance) on Tuesday 9 October, 7-9pm, for a cross-party meeting organised by the on-line campaign, and supported by Amnesty International and other groups. And if you’re in London that day , you might want to pop along yourself.

PARTLY UPDATED [20.9.2007]: See also here for a recent radio snippet, in which Mark Brockway presents some pretty grim details; here for Dan H’s most recent posting; and here, which is where you should send any details of MPs’ responses. But they can be crap: my local Lib Dem MP Evan Harris, for example, still hasn’t replied to the letter I sent him on 24 July.

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