6 thoughts on “Ashley Mote, MEP”

  1. I was living in Thame during the last Euro elections but one and from the plethora of stickers for one particular party, you’d have thought it was a one-party state and the party was UKIP.

    Thame’s a bit like that.

    Still, there’s worse in the European Parliament….

  2. Considering his dedication to uncovering the vast fraud that is going on in the EU complex, could this be a complete stitch-up?
    It would seem very unlikely that with this dedication he would put himself into a situation where he could be hoist by his own petarde. The court case, verdict and subsequent vilification could conceivably have been contrived by those who wish him out of their way.

  3. I can assure you it was not a stitch up. I know the DWP Investigator involved, and they gathered the evidence painstakingly over a long period of time, and faced many obstacles placed in her way by Mr Mote. He left a trail of fraudulent activity which was picked up by the Department. He only has only himself to blame.

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