3 thoughts on “Tuus sum per saeculum / in perpetuum”

  1. Heartbreak Hotel. Personally, I prefer the Pet Shop Boys’ version of “Always On My Mind” and the Fine Young Cannibals cover of “Suspicious Minds”. “Hound Dog, Marie’s the Name of his Latest Flame, and Jailhouse Rock are pretty good though. Now what did I do with my Sun Records T-shirt?

  2. I knew the PSB’s version of Always On My Mind long before I learned it was an Elvis song, and was stunned to find out. It’s a terrific cover of a terrific song.

  3. That’s Alright Mama comes to mind right now, though It’s Now or Never, Suspicious Minds and Fools Rush In would tend to be my favourites I suppose. But then there’s Return to Sender and…

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