Danes apologise to Irish for Viking raids!

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… Years ago a man who worked for the council sweeping the streets where I grew up used to wear a large Viking helmet (with horns, yes, yes, I know). Somebody wrote to the local newspaper to say that it might frighten elderly residents, whereupon somebody else replied to say that they’d really have to be very old if they had childhood memories of being scared by Vikings.

UPDATE [5pm]: Or not, as the case may be (and as Dan spotted in the comments).

6 thoughts on “Danes apologise to Irish for Viking raids!”

  1. I don’t think that should be seen as an apology as such, at least based on the text which the Guardian cites. Mr Mikkelson is not proud of the damage inflicted on the peoples of Ireland (and is glad that “it has all been forgiven”) so I think it’s a question of accepting problematic aspects of one’s national past rather than apologising for or in connection with said aspects. (In this context, jolly sensible.)

  2. The anecdote is entirely correct, but you left out the bit that the street sweeper in question was a gigantic tree-trunk of a man with a huge bushy beard – the kind of man who looked naked without a Viking helmet.

    Also, when he was temporarily banned from wearing his helmet in public, it got nicked – and so various people clubbed together to buy him a new one with far more impressive horns. (He started wearing it in the first place because he found it when doing his rounds, and thought it deserved better than just being chucked away).

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