Dead Socialist Watch, #283

Robin Cook, contributor to The Red Paper on Scotland, Labour MP and Foreign Secretary, born 28 February 1946, died 6 August 2005.

3 thoughts on “Dead Socialist Watch, #283”

  1. And sadly missed. The strange thing for me though is my memory is he resigned from the Cabinet over Iraq, then died a few weeks later. What did he do for those two years? He was even alive for the 2005 election.

  2. despite his opposition to the war he ended up doing a lot of campaigning for the party during 2005 – trying to avoid the general election becoming a referendum on it. He was also quite active in the events being held at the time to discuss what a post-Blair Labour Party should look like – he also a pushed the idea that Brown would need to take over sooner rather later and many thought he would end up back in the cabinet under Brown – – though of course that’s easier to say when he’s gone.

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