Thursday Cheese Blogging

There’s not enough cheese-blogging in these parts, so here goes.

I’m eating a lot of cheese while I’m in France, and one thing I’m noticing is that if I eat a lot of cheese in the evening, I have weird dreams. Not bad dreams — which I get if I drink red wine too soon before bedtime — just distinctively weird dreams. I can’t report on the content of any of these (you’ll be relieved to hear), because I have almost invariably forgotten the content of my dreams by the time I’m washed / showered / shaved / breakfasted / caffeinated in the morning. But they are weird.

Here’s information from the British Cheese Board blog on the subject, though in their less than cosmopolitan way they are only concerned with the effect that British Cheese has on dreaming.

UPDATE [8/8]: The nonbloggishblog has more.

11 thoughts on “Thursday Cheese Blogging”

  1. Telll you what – if you or anybody else can definitively establish how many different cheeses Charles De Gaulle referred to, I’ll buy you (or them) a pint.

    As for dreaming, if you have too much roquefort, as I did one Xmas, it’s more like taking speed than dreaming.

  2. I looked up the quote once and it’s rendered with all sorts of different numbers. I wonder if there is in fact a definitve version, which I assume would involve establishing when it was said (if indeed it was said) and looking at the newspapers of the time.

    After that, there are attributed quotes from Gramsci and Lenin that I can offer to the interested student…

  3. 246 seems quite likely as it apparently comes from “les mots du General” in 1962.

    How can you govern a country which has 246 varieties of cheese?
    Charles De Gaulle, in “Les Mots du General”, 1962
    French general & politician (1890 – 1970)

  4. No. I keep seeing references to it being a 1951 speech in which he said the French only unite at ‘fear’, and then the cheese bit, which might be the election of that year, but the Times didn’t mention it. I guess a french search could be more fruitful.

  5. Why not mention this phenomenon to a passing Frenchman/woman? They will confirm, I think you’ll find, that it is commonly held in France that eating cheese (in the evening) is a cause of greater than normal dreaming.

  6. “Por favor, señor. ¿Hablas castellano? Una pregunta – si como demasiado roquefort, es cómo me drogo, ¿verdad?”

    I’ll try it on a tourist.

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