Bishop Graham Dow argued two weeks ago that the floods were sent by God to punish the people of Doncaster for being overly tolerant of gays and lesbians (and then denied that he had said any such thing).

Why might the people of Oxford have incurred the wrath of the Lord?

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  1. Hmm. Could be. For Oxford, I think I’d want to channel Melanie Philips and say that the Lord is unhappy because there are Muslims living here:

    That would fit nicely into the Bishop Dow world-view, I think, as the one time I heard him preach (about 1994 or so) his subject was (if memory serves, though I might be misremembering) about how all the non-Anglicans are going to go to hell.

    (Though we’d need an alternative explanation for Witney, I think.)

  2. No, because the bits of Oxford that are flooding have nothing to do with Brookes University, which is up on Headington Hill. If God wanted to smite Brookes, He would use a volcano, or a plague or frogs, or maybe the death of the first-born (again). I don’t think He’d flood the Botley Road.

  3. Fair enough – I bow down to your superior geographical knowledge. But it did seem strangely appropriate that the Lord would smite the honouring of a notorious environmental despoiler by visiting a natural disaster on the culprits, if only in a “see how you like it” sense.

  4. Yes, I hadn’t thought of Dawkins. But you might think the Lord would do better to go after Dawkins with something obviously miraculous, rather than with something that seems amenable of naturalistic explanation. Unless He’s got quite a good sense of irony.

  5. Tenth anniversary of Diana’s death coming up, so a quick smiting of Gloucestershire (where Charles has his Highgrove House) is as good a way of any as signalling Divine approval of St Diana and Divine displeasure at C&C.

  6. You’re forgetting Camilla’s 60th birthday party was held at Highgrove last night. I think that settles the Gloucestershire one.

  7. But what about Hull?

    Just about the only disreputable thing I could find in its Wikipedia entry was the information that the Hull Metalfest had its inaugural gig in May, and I believe such events are usually attended by people sporting Satanic imagery of various kinds.

    But would that be enough for a smiting?

  8. I suspect Oxford University’s refusal to give Margaret Thatcher an honorary degree in 1984 is at the root of this.

    That would be my responsibility since I was outside the Sheldonian that very evening with a banner opposing the award (I can be seen in a photo in the following day’s Telegraph).

    Very dry where I am now, though.

  9. (Actually thinking about it, it wasn’t the evening – probably before noon, come to that. Still, the photo exists anyway.)

  10. The attempt to boycott Israeli academics has invoked His wrath. The Lord wishes to remind us that he doesn’t take lightly the Children of Israel being negatively singled out, especially as the State of Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East , the only country in the region where Arab women vote in fully democratic elections !! Fanatical Moslems and left-wing lunatics will doom Britain and this flood is just a little hint of what’s to come if you don’t take a stand to prevent it happening.

  11. Hmm. Oxford UCU is almost unanimously opposed to the boycott, so it would be an example of the Lord moving in a very mysterious way were He to smite this particular university town for this reason.

    (The Muslim angle has already been covered by Melanie Phillips — see above.)

  12. Thanks to Chris Brooke for the information that Oxford UCU is almost unaminously opposed to the boycott against His Children of Israel. The Lord’s Press Office notifies herewith that this is the reason the University itself was ultimately spared despite its symbolism as Britain’s no.1 (or 2) University.
    The Lord continues to reserve His Divine right to move in mysterious ways whenever He sees fit to do so (and that is often).

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