Oxford Floods!

A few photos from yesterday afternoon…

Flooded allotments along the Botley Road.

Although the Osney Industrial Estate has flooded, the waters haven’t yet reached the Alden Press, who print the New Left Review. (What a blow that would be to working class struggle.)

Where do kebab vans go during the day? Mehdi’s — also known as the Brasenose kebab van — parks itself down Ferry Hinksey Road; and if the water levels rise higher there might be severe disruption to Oxford’s food supplies.

The Oatlands Recreation area has become a nice new lake. When I passed by some chap was very sensibly trying out his remote-controlled boat.

This last pic’s from this morning, as the people of Osney Island continue to watch the water levels in the river channel. The Environment Agency says water levels will continue to rise until some time tomorrow morning.

15 thoughts on “Oxford Floods!”

  1. Thanks for snapping these Chris. Osney Island looks to be in trouble. Any idea how high the Cherwell has risen?

  2. Hi Chris,

    It looks like I escaped from Oxford just in time to miss the flood! Sorry we didn’t get a chance to meetup again for a pint before I left. All the best.


  3. Does any body know if St Clements Street has flooded? Trying to find out if one of our clients who has a property their is going to need our help.
    David Byrne

  4. I don’t, no, sorry, though all the media reports are of properties being flooded in the Botley Road / Osney Island area right now, with streets off the Abingdon Road the next source of concern. So I’d imagine the answer is no, but that’s only a guess. I’m on the other side of town.

  5. Thanks Chris, your comments are much appreciated! Fingers crossed as the client has a property full of elderley people who would suffer more than most if they had to be evacuated.

  6. Hi Chris ,thanks for the photos .I`m from Australia ,and my son is living in Botley.I`ve rang him to ask about the floods and he says don`t worry about it .He hasn`t told me anything and I was wondering what it was like over there.The photos helped a lot ,I hope to see a lot more .We only get a short news report every night so it is good to find out more about the places getting affected.Keep up the good work,we appreciate it over here.

  7. Hi Chris, thanks again for these. You know you’d thik with Oxford being all studenty and cool there would be a decent log on the flooding but it’s just you and the bleedin’ Oxford Mail.

  8. Over the weekend, I took photos of Port Meadow and Addison’s Walk in deep flood. Port Meadow got a lot worse after I took the pictures, and just looked like a nice lake at the time, but Addison’s Walk was completely submerged in places, something I’ve not seen before. I’m surprised you’ve not got Port Meadow ones up here, though, given where you live…

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