Severe Flood Warning

River Thames from Eynsham Lock, Eynsham to Sandford Lock, Sandford-on-Thames

Status: Severe Flood Warning
Received at: 21:21 on 21-Jul-2007

The River Thames from Eynsham Lock, Eynsham to Sandford Lock, including Wytham, Lower Wolvercote, New Botley, Osney, Grandpont, New Hinksey, South Hinksey and Kennington

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  1. I’ve just been down there: Osney Island doesn’t seem to have flooded, but people seem to think that it will tomorrow morning. I hope your friend’s house is appropriately sandbagged.

  2. Last we knew it hadn’t, but peak water levels are supposed to be around now. Thankfully she did have time to move things upstairs – and even stand the fridge-freezer and sofas on other things, off the ground. Miriam tells me she has some friends who were flooded, but I don’t know to what degree.

  3. It’s not optimistic to say when they’re supposed to be, surely? Although there are some conflicting reports on that.

    Anyway, unless the sandbags at the door worked a miracle, she’s pretty sure her house is flooded now.

  4. Everybody round here (northern end of Grandpont) has been wandering out to the river every hour or so to check on the river level , and then hanging out there for another hour or so to talk to everyone else doing the same. It’s been a lovely day for staring at the river, in between moving stuff upstairs. It’s still rising but very slowly. It’s not as high yet as it was in the 2003 floods.

    Our nephew in Abingdon has been out rescuing people in his 1946 – or maybe it’s 1947- Matador.

  5. Our nephew in Abingdon has been out rescuing people in his 1946 – or maybe it’s 1947- Matador.

    That sounds appropriate — wasn’t 1946 the last great flood in Oxford? And good luck!

  6. Hi there im a BBC Reporter Here in oxfordshire. I would really like to talk to people who’ve been affected by the flooding, Ben you sound like you know of some people.
    Please can you contact me ….thanks

    Newsroom 01865 889099
    07850 787129

  7. Colin, White House Road is fine.

    We can see that the Thames – expected to peak here around 4am Tuesday -is now higher than in 2003. A neighbour says that the BBC has reported Marlborough Road is flooded. But it isn’t, only the towpath, and the Environment Agency people walking about say that at worst, the first seven houses in the road would be flooded. And as that doesn’t include us, we’re feeling ever so smug (but the wine bottles remain on the top shelf).

    Should we all line up on Folly Bridge and sing “Old Father Thames”?

  8. Thanks for the update, Anne: I’m delighted to hear that you don’t think you’ll be flooded, but the people in the 1st seven houses must be justifiably annoyed.

  9. Sorry Sophie, all the people directly affected are friends of friends (even the girl staying in my flat was really my flatmate’s friend, and has now gone to stay elsewhere for a few nights). I’m sure it’s not too hard to find people in the affected areas…

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