Enkidu’s Stamping Ground

Recently the Google Earth images of Oxford got much, much better. This, for example, is the part of town where you might run into Enkidu on your travels. That’s the canal going down the left-hand-side, where he’s been spotted on a number of occasions now; and there’s St Barnabas Church along the bottom edge, with Jericho’s Albert Street cutting through the top right-hand-corner.

0 thoughts on “Enkidu’s Stamping Ground”

  1. We could really annoy the Google Earth Community by plonking sightings straight onto Google Earth itself. (I see that someone has helpfully labelled Balliol Porters’ Lodge as the Sheldonian Theatre.)

    There’s still a part of me that wants to attach a GPS device to Enkidu, and do this scientifically.

  2. I spotted him last week, down by the benches at the entrance to the canal bridge. He ran away from me, though. Betrayal!

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