Tim Collins Watch

As some readers will have spotted already, Stoa-favourite Tim Collins x-MP has recently failed to be adopted as the prospective parliamentary candidate for Gillingham and Rainham.

Indeed, it was a selection exercise of keen interest to this blog, as Stoa pantomime-villain Liz Truss failed to be selected from the shortlist, too.

But instead they plumped for some turncoat called Rehman Chishti.

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  1. Yes, yes, we all know about Liz Truss the marriage-wrecker. It’s old news, but I dare say is it is going to be a bit of an obstacle in finding a safe seat in David Cameron’s pro-marriage Tory Party. Still, you’ll see from her website that it’s a story with a happy ending: “I enjoy spending time having fun with my husband and daughter.”

  2. Not being au fait with mid90s student politics or nu school toryism it had passed me by, lapses in coverage of such VS specialities clearly shortchanging those who negect to compensate with the Daily Mail.

  3. I was at a wedding this weekend, where I met Robin Walker (maybe after your time – 97-00), I think, who’s standing for MP in Gloucester West, IIRC.

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