I quite enjoyed the sixty-eight minutes during which we were primeministerless yesterday, but that’s probably because I spent virtually all of them eating a delicious lunch at Gino’s on Gloucester Green.

The BBC usefully covers the crises that hit the nation during this period of acephalousness (acephalocity?): Chantelle and Preston split up, a man was attacked by a buzzard in Aberdeenshire, and so on.

P.S. If anyone can produce a suitable-sounding German word for “primeministerlessness”, I shall be very pleased. I imagine it’d be quite long.

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  1. I would guess ‘Premierslosheit’, which isn’t as long as I’d have hoped. ‘Premier’ is what Die Welt is calling Brown, and as I recall from GCSE, ‘-slos’ means ‘-less’ and ‘-heit’ means ‘-ness’.

  2. I can’t – the Swiss have a concept called Fuhrerlosigkeit, ie leaderlessness, though.

    You are, btw, the first person on the internet (as recorded by Google) to use the world primeminsterless and primeminsterlessness.

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