Fraternal Trivia

The BBC:

The Milibands are the first brothers to sit in Cabinet since Austen and Neville Chamberlain (in fact, half-brothers) in 1924.

What about the 4th Marquess of Salisbury (Lord Privy Seal) and his brother, the 1st Viscount Cecil (Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster) in Baldwin’s second government, 1924-7?

(Maybe they weren’t both Cabinet posts?)

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  1. Salisbury and Cecil were both in the Cabinet, but Cecil left in 1927. The two Chamberlains sat there together from 1924 to 1929. Perhaps the Beeb should have said the Milibands were the first ‘since 1929’?

  2. Michael Crick, on yesterday’s Newsnight, improved the bid by recalling Oliver & Lord (Edward) Stanley, brothers who sat together in Cabinet for a few summer months in 1938 (Ed Stanley died shortly into the job).

  3. Dear God! — having not read Melanie Phillips a)for a long while and b) much at all, I got quite a jolt from that — the Alliance isn’t the only thing shuddering! I think I need a stiff drink …

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