Jan Svankmajer Discs Now Available!

The British Film Institute has just released its triple-DVD set of Jan Svankmajer: The Complete Short Films, and this is what Marina Warner has to say about it in tehgraun:

“26 extraordinary works so far, they unfold his artistry and his preoccupations with rare richness, and have been annotated by an admiring group of critics and film historians. So this set of short films is a marvellous and invaluable collection.”

Yes, indeed, yes indeed – Svankmajer’s Dimensions of Dialogue may be the best short animated film that there is, and many of the others are not bad at all – and there are special reasons at the Stoa for celebrating the release of the set:  it’s been assembled, put together, produced, hand-tooled (I’m not really sure what the appropriate verb is) by my brother Michael. So well done him.

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  1. “Curated by” seems to be the popular term at the moment, and I’m very happy to go along with that – it sounds much more scholarly than “produced by”.

    And while I hesitate to recommend a pirate YouTube upload (especially as the picture quality is so much worse than it is on the new DVD), anyone who hasn’t seen Svankmajer’s work before should have a look at this – it’s the two-minute middle section of Dimensions of Dialogue, and it beautifully sums up just why he’s so revered.

    (And also why some people find his films just too much to take even in small doses, but I can’t help that!)

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