Wednesday Beaver Blogging

Adam H sends me pictures of his MIT Philosophy Department mug. And it’s a fine mug.



In other mug-related news, our “Tough on Crime” bright green Labour 1997 campaign pledge mug is not long for the world, and now leaks coffee. Symbolically, it is choosing to bow out at the same time as the man who gave those words their immortality.

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  1. By contrast to your mug, my prized New Labour, New Danger badge with flashing red LED demon eyes is still going strong. Dunno what that means symbolically.

  2. I too have the very same green “Tough on crime” mug which a friend bought me at Labour confernce, it’s in good nick as I never used it, not so much because I treasured it so but because it actually did leave a nasty taste in the mouth…

    Now I want a mug that says “Gordon Brown – Limits to markets”

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