Dead Socialist Watch, #274

Alexander Carlyle (not to be confused with this one), Christian socialist and Oxford don, he taught politics and economics at University College, and was rector of St Martin and All Saints; author of The Influence of Christianity upon Social and Political Ideas and Wages (both 1912) and The History of Mediaeval Political Theory in the West in six volumes (1903-1936); born Bombay, 24 July 1861; died in Oxford, 27 May 1943.

The Carlyle Lectures in Oxford on the history of political thought are dedicated to his memory. Recent lecturers have been Noel Malcolm (Islam and early modern European political thought, 2001), Blair Worden (literature and political thought in early modern England, 2002), Mark Lilla (modern political theology, 2003), Magnus Ryan (the legal framework of political thought, 1100-1600, 2004), Peter Garnsey (ideas of property, 2005), Colin Kidd (varieties of unionism in Scottish political thought, 2006) and David Runciman (hypocrisy in English political thought from Hobbes to Orwell, 2007. Next up is Annabel Brett, and after that Istvan Hont.

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  1. Are these lectures published anywhere — in book form perhaps. Have any been worked up for publication?

  2. Carlyle Lectures generally do get published as books — but often the wait is quite a long one. Richard Tuck’s Rights of War and Peace, Judith Shklar’s Montesquieu, Jeremy Waldron’s God, Locke and Equality, John Burrows’ Whigs and Liberals, and so on, all started out as Carlyle Lectures.

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