Dead Socialist Watch, #273

Jennie Adamson, Labour politician; a dressmaker and teacher, she joined the Labour Party in 1908, becoming involved in the Black Country strike of 1913. She moved to Belfast in 1915, and then to London in 1923 when her husband, William Adamson, became MP for Cannock Chase. She served in a number of posts — LCC, NEC, etc. — being elected to Parliament in 1938 for Dartford, defeating the Tories on an anti-Munich platform. In the wartime Parliament, she supported a number of feminist initiatives (equal compensation for war injuries, family allowances to be paid to the mother, etc.), though she insisted that she was not an “extreme feminist”. She was elected for Bexley in 1945, but left Parliament in 1946. Born at Kilmarnock, 9 May 1882, died in Bromley, 25 May 1962.

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