May Day Greetings (to the Workers of the World)

Happy May Day!

I’m still in a far-too-busy-to-be-posting-much-of-anything kind of state right now, but the old May Day-themed Stoa posts are on this page, and Dave Osler’s got a suitable joke for us all to enjoy.

In several years of recording Dead Socialists, I still haven’t come across one who died on May Day. I hope this is not accidental (comrade).

And, Americans!, for you, as ever, it is Loyalty Day!

(Actually, “as ever” doesn’t seem to be quite right: wikipedia tells me that in 1921 it started out as Americanization Day, which is even funnier.)

Here in Oxford, of course, we have our own reactionary invented traditions.

UPDATE [11.30pm]: Americans! Here is your annual Loyalty Day Proclamation!

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  1. Sadly, Pierre B̩r̩govoy committed suicide on May 1, 1993 Рso you can add him to the database.

  2. Rather tremendous balls he has, asking us to observe “Law Day” (excuse me, “Law Day, USA”) with “appropriate ceremonies and activities.” If I’d’ve known, I might’ve put on my best shirt and performed a public reading of the last few sections of the Second Treatise.

  3. 1960s or 70s sounds older than most Oxford ‘traditions’ to me. I heard carnations for exams was only 1990s, though I don’t know if that’s true.

  4. There were a few carnations around when I was taking exams in the first half of the 1990s, though not nearly as many as there are nowadays, if memory serves.

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