My first attempt to keep worms has failed, after a pitifully short three months, and I have to live with the knowledge that I am a worm-killer.

I think I forgot the elementary lesson that it’s far better to underfeed than to overfeed. They seemed to be doing pretty well when I left, three weeks ago, motoring through whatever we gave them. Thinking that they’d need quite a bit of food in our absence, I went through the fridge and shredded a lot of the remaining vegetable matter into their tub. But instead what’s happened is that a lot of the food in the tub has rotted, and I think the worms have been poisoned by the horrible smelly goo.

Poor worms.

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  1. Our worms seem to be able to survive amazing amounts of time (months) without new food. What you feed them seems to be key. They like things that produce mold, which is not true of a lot of vegetable matter (we have a regular compost as well so can pick and choose what we feed our worms to a decent extent).

  2. There is perhaps a lesson in this for those well meaning liberals who think they can successfully intervene in the affairs of worms with their food aid programmes.

  3. Not your fault at all, Dan.

    The cats are fine. Enkidu just disappeared for 36 hours, but (a) he came back at 5 this morning and (b) we think it’s just the onset of good weather that’s encouraging him to range a bit more widely than usual.

  4. You may be better off storing worms and other viruses inside a computer with the trojans, script kiddies, exploits etc. rather than putting them in a ‘tub’. (although ‘tub’ might become an amusing synonym for a PC running Microsoft Vista.) I had a worm inside my computer for months and it survived verfy happily until it was wiped out by AVG Anti-Virus.

    We have some worms in the compost bin at home – they are enjoying it a lot. Lots to eat and hard for the birds to get at them.

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