If any Oxford-based Stoa-readers think they might like a second-hand TV, please get in touch. My old one is just taking up space in the attic now, so we thought it was probably time to get rid of it. I think it works fine. No aerial, though. And you’d have to come and cart it off.


My first attempt to keep worms has failed, after a pitifully short three months, and I have to live with the knowledge that I am a worm-killer.

I think I forgot the elementary lesson that it’s far better to underfeed than to overfeed. They seemed to be doing pretty well when I left, three weeks ago, motoring through whatever we gave them. Thinking that they’d need quite a bit of food in our absence, I went through the fridge and shredded a lot of the remaining vegetable matter into their tub. But instead what’s happened is that a lot of the food in the tub has rotted, and I think the worms have been poisoned by the horrible smelly goo.

Poor worms.