Today’s tehgraun tells me that Ofcom says that 4% of adults in the UK aged 25-44 don’t have a mobile phone. I didn’t realise we were that unusual. Apparently I’m a “handset holdout”. Actually I just don’t like the telephone much, and don’t want to spend money to be able to use it any more than I have to.

And these days I don’t seem to use it much at all, which is very good. We don’t seem to be in the Oxford phonebook, a number I’ve never used has been printed next to my name in the University phonebook, and my own College keeps getting confused and listing at least one wrong number in its own internal directory. I think this is pretty much ideal.

UPDATE: And, as fellow refusnik Jamie says, “Anyway, I have a postal address, an e-mail address, a landline and a webpage. How much more do you want, you nosy bastards?”

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  1. This reminds me, somehow, of the story of how in the 1950s Isaiah Berlin fought an epic battle to get All Souls to install a private phone line installed in his room — and then, once this was accomplished, tried to de-activate it, because he was receiving too many calls, and not getting any work done.

  2. Atop an ivory tower perhaps?

    Just winding you up, I’m actually full of admiration. One does sometimes get the sense that communication is far too easy these days.

  3. I’ve had a mobile phone since receiving one as a Christmas gift (in 2005). It came with €50 of “free” credit. A year and a quarter later and I have yet to “top it up” (in the parlance of our times).

    That said, I’ve no objection to having it. It’s switched off and pretty much forgotten at the bottom of my rucksack. But it’s come in very useful on the three occasions I’ve used it (twice phoning for cabs after missing the last bus and once sending a text message to someone to explain that I was going to be late for our appointment).

    Only a handful of people have the number, and they all know that it’s rarely switched on. So it’s not been an intrusion.

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