Ireland beat Pakistan!

It’s at times like this that I suddenly recall that my nineteenth-century forebears had names like Kalaugher, Kelly, Driscoll, O’Reilly, McCarthy, MacGuire and McAuly (not to mention plenty of eighteenth-century Anglo-Irish Brookes), and I feel more Irish than I actually am…

… although it looks as if you have to be called O’Brien to play for the Irish cricket team.

(Similarly, one of the minor pleasures of watching Wales beat England is the affinity provided by the knowledge that my great-grandfather Alfred Mathews took the field for Wales against Scotland on 9 January 1886. It was his only cap, and Scotland won on the day, but it’s enough for me. It’s interesting to be diasporic in an almost entirely non-diasporic kind of a way.)

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  1. And please note that through hitting a six off the final ball, Ireland reached their original target of 133, even after it had been reduced to 128 by the Duckworth-Lewis method. You don’t see that happen very often.

  2. Yes, well I get the feeling that someone might have to explain to the majority of the ‘Irish’ side what Guinness actually is. Though they’ve done reasonably well so far considering their best batsman is playing for England.

  3. Do you think Andre Botha feels ‘diasporic in an almost entirely non-diasporic kind of a way’?
    After being given out to a quite shocking decision, the commentator said something about, ‘the luck of the Irish not being with him today.’ With a name like Botha, one wonders when he’d be entitled to the luck of the Irish at all.

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