Is Stephen Pollard an Idiot? You Decide.

Here’s a chunk of one of today’s posts, about the BBC reporter Matt Frei.

Frei then claims that when Ann Coulter used the word ‘faggot’ in reference to John Edwards (Frei doesn’t mention Edwards, and so fails to put the remark into context) the audience “lapped it up”. Well no, they didn’t. If he’d bothered to speak to people who were there, or even watch a video, he’d have seen that after Coulter made her remark there was silence, then some embarrassed/nervous/polite laughter.

I’m not sure why adding the “context” that Coulter was talking about Edwards makes a difference here. But what I think you ought to do is watch the clip here and then decide for yourself whether Pollard offers an especially accurate account of proceedings. One bit of “context” that Pollard unaccountably fails to mention, for example, is that there’s quite a lot of applause, too.

9 thoughts on “Is Stephen Pollard an Idiot? You Decide.”

  1. There’s a lot else wrong with the post, and I object to you not having pointed out every error. Eg, the Republicans really are panic stciken about getting a candidate. Obviously, someone is going to win the nomination, but that person will not by definition be strong — no-one has enthusiastic support from across several parts of the Republican coalition, and that is why they are panicked (contrast with 2000 when both Bush and McCain had cross-coalition support). The comments about the military are simply a case of Frei lazily parroting what everyone here is saying, not of irony, etc. I think Pollard needs to come and spend a few weeks here, or simply watch a bit more american news (Fox doesn’t count). I presume that is what Frei is doing.

  2. You’re quite right, Harry B, about Pollard getting other things wrong. He also gets confused between the “heartland”, which is generally reckoned to stretch West of the Mississippi and is pretty solidly Red, and the “Midwest”, which includes East-of-the-Mississippi Blue states like Michigan, Illinois and your own Wisconsin.

  3. Pollard has at least one hardcore fan, an exceptionally creepy individual called Joshua who alternates fawning obsequiousness towards Pollard with wild accusations of anti-Semitism towards everyone else. He also occasionally treats Pollard’s readers to worryingly elaborate fantasies about how people he doesn’t like could conceivably meet with unpleasant accidents.

    His stuff really is beyond parody, though it’s precisely that which makes me think he’s probably real.

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