In Memoriam

Chris Lightfoot, 1978-2007.

Chris was splendid, and one of the few bloggers whose contributions to the world stretched far beyond blogging. (Some details over here.)

Two trivial details: he’s the only person I’ve ever successfully identified in a pub, having only seen their South Park version of themselves ahead of time; and he will always be remembered at the Virtual Stoa for writing the code that powered the Melanie Phillips Naziometer, which used to adorn the sidebar.

UPDATE [6.3.2007]: More links, over here and here.

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  1. I’ve salvaged the nazi-o-meter – it should be at the old address once the DNS gets its act together. Meanwhile you might like to look at the southpark chris we did at the same time for him which we thought was more approriate:

    — James.

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