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  1. Making people keep their refuse for an extra week to encourage recycling is one of the most perverse ideas I’ve ever seen.

    Maybe they should just stop picking it up at all. I’m sure that would encourage “creative” solutions like eating garbage or building garden walls out of it.

  2. How so? Looks like household rubbish is being collected every two weeks, and recycling collected every two weeks, so if you had rubbish picked up today (March 2nd), you’d have recycling picked up March 9th, and have your rubbish collected again on March 16th.

    Knowing what happens to kitchen scraps that sit in a bin for a fortnight, how did this ever seem like a good idea?

  3. That’s right. But your earlier comment suggested that the number of collections was halved in order to encourage people to recycle stuff, and that’s not quite right. The halving of the number of refuse collections is just a money saving exercise. (I think it saves the Council about £1m per year.)

    Anyway: our kitchen scraps go into the wormery.

  4. It could be this quote from the article that lead me to believe that:

    “Fortnightly collections of household waste are being brought in across the county and nationally as a way of pushing for an increase in recycling.”

  5. When I lived down by Worthing seafront, I was very impressed to see that we had rubbish collection every day.

    It quickly became obvious why – there was no provision for bins (we lived in a terraced block), so we had to put everything out in bin-bags, and if they weren’t collected first thing in the morning the seagulls would rapidly make the job much messier.

  6. OK. But I think the quote is misleading. Oxford City Council was under pressure, both from central government and from environmentalists in Oxford to increase the percentage of household waste that gets recycled, and so introduced the scheme to recycle plastic and cardboard and tin cans (in addition to the glass and paper that have been recycled for a while now). But just adding weekly collections of recycling would add about £1m to the city budget. So instead they’ve moved onto the biweekly system in order to save money on that front.

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