Bloody Hell

Scotland: (10) 17
Tries: Dewey, Paterson
Cons: Paterson 2
Pens: Paterson

Italy: (24) 37
Tries: Bergamasco, Scanavacca, Robertson, Troncon
Cons: Scanavacca 4
Pens: Scanavacca 3

Over here. And I foolishly decided to stay in the library, thinking that this would be the least interesting match of the afternoon. Good for the Italians.

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  1. And then we have Ireland beating England by 30 points. So much for that comeback, huh?

    I’m not drunk enough to talk about the other match. (Well, at least it was an improvement on the last outing.) Maybe it’s time to stock up on the gin before our Italy match. Can’t f***ing wait.

  2. But but but… after being really crappy against Scotland, Wales were pretty good on and off during the France match: they deserved to be ahead in the first half, and they never gave up, or had the fitness / discipline problems that they sometimes run into in the second half. And no-one expected them to *beat* the French. So it wasn’t all bad.

    Ireland were just fantastic.

  3. Weren’t they just? They totally took England apart. Fantastic stuff. I was particularly entertained by the moments (oh, about 5 minutes or so) in the 2nd half when the duelling duo Brian Moore and Eddie Butler suggested that England were getting back into the match even though they were still more than 2 converted tries adrift. And then Ireland moved up a gear and screwed them good and proper. (I love the Brian and Eddie show, mind you. I think they’re the best pair in sports commentary I’ve heard in years.)

    And I hear what you’re saying. Wales were way better than I feared they might be. We might even be coming back on form, a bit. If certain people hadn’t forgotten how to kick the ball between the posts it would have been a lot closer, too. But… well, we’ll see what happens in the last two matches. Pass the gin, please.

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