Dead Socialist Watch, #262

Jennie Baines, suffragette. Growing up in the Salvation Army, she found her way into temperance and then into suffragist activism. She joined the WSPU in 1905, and became a paid organiser in 1908. Briefly imprisoned in 1908, she attempted to burn down the Theatre Royal in Dublin in 1912 ahead of a speech by Asquith, and was sentenced to seven months hard labour (but went on hunger strike and was released after five days). Back in prison the following year after allegedly attempting to bomb train carriages in a railway siding, she was eventually acquitted, and emigrated in Australia, where she carried on with her militancy, campaigning against conscription and flying the (banned) red flag — being jailed again on both occasions. She helped to found the Victorian branch of the Community Party in 1920, was expelled in 1925, and rejoined in ALP. (I think she sounds tremendous, and there should be more about her on the web.) Born in Birmingham, 30 November 1866, she died in Port Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 20 February 1951.

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