Defunct Oxford Institutions, #4: The Radcliffe Infirmary


The post below reminds me to resurrect this very occasional series.

(If you remember, #1 was the Lucy’s factory, #2 was the Globe pub, still the subject of various planning disagreements, and #3 was the St Giles Café, except it re-opened a bit later.)

The Radcliffe Infirmary [also], the eighteenth-century hospital on Woodstock Road, which you’ve all seen Inspector Morse going into loads of times as it’s a bit more photogenic than the front of the JR, closed on 27 January 2007, and the University has taken over the site. (All the modern hospital wards will be knocked down, and eventually some kind of humanities campus is going to spring up on the site. The building in the photo can’t be touched, obviously.)

People who work there have told me this isn’t really a bad thing: it should have closed 30 years ago, except that the money to build the replacement services got diverted to Milton Keynes (or something like that, anyway), and it’s better to have all the main hospital services over in Headington. Still, I quite liked having a big hospital just round the corner, and it was terribly convenient to be able to visit friends by popping in through the back entrance, which opened up onto Walton Street.

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  1. Does anyone know what’s happening to the Victoria on Walton Street? Is it going the way of #2 in this series? And has Jericho Books closed down for good?

  2. Don’t know about the Victoria. I’ve only been there once, to watch the All Blacks beat England. And Jericho Books was going to be #5 in the series, when (i) I can get a snap of its defunctness and if (ii) I get a reply from the shop’s email address to my message asking what’s going on. But it doesn’t look good.

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