My goodness

Apparently Pete Seeger is still alive. Who knew?

How did the old song go?

“They gave him his orders at Party headquarters,
Sayin’, “Pete, you’re way behind time —
It is not ’38 but 1957,

and there’s been a change in the Party line.”

Something like that, anyway.

0 thoughts on “My goodness”

  1. I think it’s something about getting older. I keep hearing of people who used to be famous and saying “S/he’s not still alive, is s/he?” – only to find quite often they’re only a year or two older than me.

  2. Impressive, but not as impressive as Claude Lévi-Strauss who’s gone on longer than Bertrand Russell now.

  3. Yes — it was one of Perry Anderson’s LRB articles not so long ago about intellectual life in France which pointed out that CL-S was still alive, and that prompted a similar “bloody hell” like reaction.

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