Wednesday Rhino Blogging

Splendid news, over here.

In other rhino-related non-news, if you consult leading Anglo-dictionaries about the plural of the word “rhinoceros”, you will be able to take your pick from “rhinocoeros”, “rhinoceroses”, “rhinocerotes”, “rhinoceroes”, “rhinocero’s”, “rhinoceri”, “rhinocerons” or “rhinocerontes”. I think this is very fine.

UPDATE [29.1.2007]: See the baby rhino (58kg) walking around over at the BBC.

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  1. This is driving me crazy, and has been for days. I’m sure I remember reading a poem – possibly aimed at kids, possibly in a collection of nonsense verse – full of plurals of rhinoceros. Something in the back of my head’s saying “Michael Rosen”, but I wouldn’t bet on that being right. Google isn’t helping, either.

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