Dead Socialist Watch, #253

Elizabeth Andrews, suffragist and socialist; she organised the Co-operative Women’s Guild in the Rhondda, 1910-19, and was later Labour Party women’s organiser for Wales. Born in Penderyn, Glamorgan15 December 1882, died, also in Glamorgan, 22 January 1960.

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  1. Elizabeth Andrews made a superb witness at the Coal Industry Commission in 1919 where she talked from personal experience about miners’ homes in the South Wales coalfield. Under hostile cross-examination from Sir Arthur Duckham who was trying to get her to admit that “the bad tenant makes the bad house” she indirectly inspired one of the finest questions ever put to a government commission. Impressed by Andrews’s testimony and fed up with his fellow commissioner’s niggling, RH Tawney rose to ask Duckham “Do you suggest the bad tenant succeeds in reducing a four-roomed house to a one roomed-house house?”.

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