Ruth Turner, moral paragon

Tony Blair says that Ruth Turner is “is a person of the highest integrity”. Tessa Jowell says that “she is a person of utter decency and conscientiousness”. Lord Puttnam says that “She’s one of those half-dozen, dozen people who I would stake my life on.” David Blunkett has spoken of her “decency and honesty” in a BBC interview. Even bloggers like Will Parbury (and an occasional Stoa-commenter) are getting in on the act saying that “Having met Ruth I simply will not believe that she would do anything wrong.”

I’m sure that settles it.

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  1. And just to keep the collection of tributes to St Ruth going, here’s a Sunday morning round-up:

    John Bird: “I just don’t believe this. She was religiously straight – almost like a zealot.”

    Michael Taylor: “Apparently if you type Ruth Turner into the 4th link is to a profile from our magazine. It’s first if you do it at There has been heavy lifting from the interview from 2002 in the papers today. Good. Because it’s a really good interview by Rachel Bristowe, one she won an award for. It tells people Ruth’s alright and I’m proud to call her a friend. Ruth is a genuine good egg and the more people who know this the better.”

    Luke Akehurst: “So I was pleased that Blair stood by Ruth Turner on what must have been a ghastly day yesterday, saying: “Ruth is a person of the highest integrity for whom I have great regard and I continue to have complete confidence in her”. This fits with my memory of her from the very limited dealings I had with her over a decade ago – as someone that stood out for their decency in the snakepit of student politics.”

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