Tuesday Elephant Blogging (Special Thursday Edition)

By special request, here’s a picture of Babar the Elephant (and Celeste).

They have a poster up in Blackwells café right now for “Babar et les ballons”, but the mood at the Stoa is that Babar looks best in a balloon when he’s waving his handkerchief from the balloon, as above.

0 thoughts on “Tuesday Elephant Blogging (Special Thursday Edition)”

  1. Lovely. I don’t usually approve of kings, and I’m sure Sylvain Maréchal wouldn’t like it, but I think that Babar is a king worth making an exception for.

  2. There’s never been a question of ant-blogging at the Stoa, Ben, and Tuesday Elephant Blogging is now a well-established tradition here (with elephant seals counting as elephants for the purposes… et cetera).

    What you want is Worm-Blogging, and all I can say is, “Maybe”. The basic problem is that if I lift the lid off, they start to escape, so I don’t really want to have the lid off while I set up a camera, etc. The other problem is that unless I shine bright lights into the wormery, or use flash, the pictures will be crappy, and I don’t think the little darlings like bright light. (An inference from the fact that the wormery itself doesn’t let a huge amount of light in.)

    So my instincts say that there won’t be any Worm-Blogging at the Stoa, and that you’ll have to stay content with cats and the occasional elephant. There’s tapir blogging over here, of course (as you know), and if you really want some Wormery-Blogging, try over here, though do note it’s a story with an unhappy ending (“Wormageddon!”)

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