Better Living with Worms

I’ve spent a small chunk of the morning setting up my first wormery. It’s only a small wormery (one of these), but it’s moderately exciting, nonetheless. And if anyone’s got any wormery do’s and don’ts, do share.

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  1. Your sister-in-law is determined to get hold of a couple of chickens, for some completely unfathomable reason – she’s already decided to call them Queenie and Pearl.

    I think worms sound rather more attractive, myself.

    (A certain ex-girlfriend – and Chris can almost certainly guess which one – was dead keen on us getting a rat. So was I, until I realised that she wasn’t planning to keep it in a cage…)

  2. When I were a lad, I really loved a book in our local library called, Making Earthworms Pay. It was about raising and selling them as a business proposition, I seem to remember, rather than how to exact some chilling revenge on them for an unspecified wrong. But I never did become a millionaire that way (or any other…)

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