And while we’re on the subject of Iraq…

… Can anyone recommend any good recent books?

I enjoyed Rory’s book (UK title: Occupational Hazards; US title: The Prince of the Marshes), and recently read through George Packer’s The Assassins’ Gate, but haven’t really been paying a great deal of attention to what’s been coming out over the last couple of years. Is Patrick Cockburn’s book good?

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  1. Thomas Ricks’s Fiasco is terrific, better than Packer’s (it covers about a year later into the conflict and so has fewer optimistic straws to be clutched at). I was at a press conference on Friday, when Ricks asked John McCain a question, and McCain began his reply: “May I say, sir, that your seminal work Fiasco was both instructive and saddening depiction, and an accurate one of the serious mistakes have been made in the conduct of this conflict, and I wish that every American could read it so that we could avoid in the future.” On the other hand maybe that’s not much of an endorsement…

  2. CNN reported yesterday that George Bush is currently reading A Savage War of Peace by Alistair Horne. Bit late for that.

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