Dead Socialist Watch, #245

Ada Chew, trade unionist, ILPer and suffragist, who became paid organiser for the National Union of Women’s Suffrage Societies in 1912. After the war, she ran a successful mail-order wholesale drapery line. Born Audley, Staffordshire, 28 January 1870, died Burnley, Lancashire, 27 December 1945.

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  1. Does Saddam Hussein now count as a Dead Socialist, given that the Ba’ath party motto is “Unity, Freedom, Socialism”?

    Granted, this is Arab Socialism rather than the Marxist variety, but still…

  2. Well, Saddam was an admirer of Stalin, apparently …
    However, I think that Ba’athism is socialist in much the same sense that National Socialism is. Given the absence of old Adolf et. al. from the DSW, I think Chris’s policy regarding Saddam is consistent.

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