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As I get older, I get less and less interested in painting and more and more interested in architecture. Is this usual, or is this just me?

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  1. As the infant graduates from potato printing to Lego so too does the adult from painting to architecture? It makes me wonder if architecture could be marketed as 3D PAINTING; WITH BRICKS!

    Surely, as with most things, it’s the content not the form? Maybe you’ve just seen some good buildings recently and some not so good paintings. It’s like seeing a good film, coming home, turning on the TV to Emmerdale and deducing that film is the more interesting medium. Simplified in that example but a common occurrence.

    Or maybe you just always neglected architecture? Most people I know don’t consider architecture art, it’s purely functional. But then, most students are pretty stupid and most people I know are students… If you haven’t given architecture equal attention as an art form then it’s pretty easy for it to steal the attention later in life. That happened to me last year, briefly.

    My answer to your question “Is this usual?” is “not in my experience”. And I know quite a lot of older people, as well as students.

  2. “I get less and less interested in painting and more and more interested in architecture.”

    This certainly seems to be the thinking behind most new art galleries.

  3. Have you ever seen Patrick Keiller‘s films? (Specifically the features London and Robinson in Space?)

    He started out as an architect, and his films at base are entirely about architecture, consisting entirely of shots of various buildings linked by a vaguely satirical running commentary in which the unseen protagonist is tagging along with his equally unseen friend Robinson as the latter investigates something or other. London is entirely set in the capital during 1992 (before and after the general election), while Robinson in Space retraces Daniel Defoe’s Tour through the Whole Island of Great Britain, though with a modern spin: Defoe never had to grapple with the question of whether Britain is the most successful exporter of fetish and rubber gear than any other nation.

    If you haven’t seen his stuff, I think you’d like it a lot – it took me at least five years to persuade our mother to sit through London (avant-garde feature-film essays not really being her sort of thing), but she absolutely loved it once I’d finally managed it.

    (I’ve also seen Keiller’s third feature, The Dilapidated Dwelling, which is sadly undistributable owing to a dispute over the use of archive footage. But in many ways it’s even more interesting: a philosophical investigation into why, when we’ve seen some radical innovations in architecture over the past couple of decades, our notion of the ideal form of the domestic living space has remained largely unchanged since the 1930s.)

  4. As I get older I get more and more interested in paiting ANd architecture.. but then the level of interest with which I started may have been pretty miserable.

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