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  1. Surely they must pick him for the third now though – if the batsmen have got the measure (and McGrath is now wholly crocked, Warne is being read, meaning that their top bowler is Brett “competent” Lee), then we really need to be thinking about winning one or two, which surely means Panesar and possibly Read too (though I am still a total Read-sceptic on the batting). Time for some attacking decisions.

  2. When I woke up a bit after six this morning, Australia were two-hundred-and-something for three, and the England bowlers were Anderson, Giles and Pietersen, and I thought, bloody hell, if these three are bowling no wonder Australia are two-hundred-and-something for three. In ever so slight fairness to the situation, they were getting through the final few overs before they could take the new ball, but even so. I wasn’t impressed.

  3. Harmison seems to be doing a bit better though, even if he hasn’t got a wicket yet. At least now they have three potential wicket-takers, rather than the one of the Gabba.

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