Dead Socialist Watch, #241

Emma Brooke (no relation), “New Woman” novelist (under the pseudonym E. Fairfax Byrne, she wrote A Superfluous Woman, Life the Accuser, and others) and Fabian socialist, who criticised H. G. Wells’s analysis of “the Sex-Question” as being from “an entirely middle-class point of view” and helped to draft the Fabians’ first statement in support of equal citizenship rights for women; born in Macclesfield, Cheshire, 22 December 1844, died in Weybridge, Surrey, 28 November 1926.

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  1. Go for a whole range of ironic capitalist Dead Socialist Watch merchandise. Dead Socialist Cafepress Shop? You might have to fight Chumbawamba for the soundtrack CD, though, since their Singsong and a Scrap album covers Joe Hill, Emma Goldman and Kinder Scout mass trespassers.

  2. Why not a range of Dead Socialist Watches, with a picture of the dead socialist on their faces, and their name emblazoned along the strap?

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