Dead Socialist Watch, #239

Simon Bernard, Fourierist socialist, briefly Inspecteur général de l’économie after the 1848 Revolution, founder of the Club Bonne-Nouvelle, in and out of prison at various times, and kicked out of Spain, Belgium and Germany. He lived in exile in Britain, 1851-62, he is most famous for his participation in the 1858 Orsini plot to kill Napoleon III. The political and diplomatic fall-out from the plot prompted Lord Palmerston’s resignation as Prime Minister after the Conspiracy to Murder Bill failed in the Commons. Bernard was prosecuted as an accessory to murder and acquitted by an Old Bailey jury on 17 April 1858. Born in Carcassonne on 28 January 1817, died in the Brooke House lunatic asylum, Upper Clapton, London, on 25 November 1862.

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