If Monty Panesar is dropped from the Ashes Tests in favour of Ashley Giles I may turn violent

The press are suggesting that Trescothick going home somehow means no place for Panesar in the England XI. Awful if true. More likely, as a colleague suggested to me, Fletcher prefers Giles because it’s easier for Jones to catch the ball when it isn’t spinning. Grrr.

UPDATE [22.11.2006]: Don’t miss Chris Dillow on Monty Panesar and Market Failure.

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  1. Just more evidence that England’s recent success came about despite the influence of Fletcher. The man is so dull and ultra-cautious he probably enjoys watching Giles bowl.

  2. I think you probably need to add another rolling feature a al DSW to log the number of chances Jones misses. Apparently he missed at least two stumping chances in the last state game

  3. What really baffles me about the whole thing is dropping Read. Jones made no runs for a year, and Read did OK with the bat against Pakistan – better than Jones was, anyway. He’s a better keeper. Why drop him? I can kind of understand preferring Giles over Panesar, even though I wouldn’t: Giles shores up the batting a bit. But Jones isn’t obviously better than Read at anything.

  4. The most obvious explanation is that Fletcher has near-complete control over selection on tour, whereas in England he has to co-operate with the board of selectors. Bearing in mind one of the reasons for dropping Jones was to enable him to work on his batting at county level, and that Jones’s batting did not in fact improve at all at county level in the interim period, the reason for his recall must simply be that Fletcher didn’t want to drop him in the first place.

    The treatment of Read and Panesar indicates that Fletcher’s famed ability to nurture emerging talent only applies to emerging talent he personally rates. If he is sceptical, he will hang them out to dry.

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