Uzbekistan for all your Potassium & Patriotic Song Needs!

Spotted at the IMDb Reviews of Borat section:

Cheap Kazakhstan propaganda! Borats claim that Kazakhstan produces the best potassium in the world is totally unsubstantiated. It is well known in the countries of the former Soviet Union that it is Uzbekistan that produces the highest quality potassium not Kazakhstan! His claim that all other countries in the world are ran by little girls is also easily dismissed. Many former Soviet Union countries are run by grown men! Although the U.K was once run by fire breathing dragon woman Margaret Thatcher you could never call her a girl! Borat is the possessor of a terrible singing voice. How can he sing great patriotic songs with a voice like that?

LONG LIVE UZBECKISTAN! Uzbekistan for all your potassium & patriotic song needs.

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  1. I saw an Uzbek spaghetti western once. It was called The Seventh Bullet, and it was actually rather good – set in the early 1920s (the Civil War formed the backdrop to most Soviet ‘Westerns’), the hero was a Red Army captain whose men had all converted to Islam en masse, so he had to persuade them that Marx was the one true religion (not in so many words, but that was the gist).

    Major points in its favour were:

    (a) although there was no doubt where its ideological allegiance ultimately lay, the debates did at least give the Islamists a voice (NB: the film was made in 1972, when the political landscape was very different and the USSR hadn’t even invaded Afghanistan);

    (b) Uzbek audiences clearly have very short attention spans, so there was a large-scale chase, shootout or similar action-packed blowout every five minutes, and the total running time was well under 90;

    (c) the composer was obviously a huge fan of Ennio Morricone, almost to the point of outright plagiarism (spaghetti Westerns were incredibly popular in the USSR, where they were interpreted – correctly in some cases – as being Marxist critiques of American mythology);

    (d) there’s a shot relatively early on that crams more goats into a single image than I think I’ve ever witnessed before.

    Sadly, though unsurprisingly, it doesn’t appear to be on DVD (or even VHS) anywhere.

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