The Virtual Stoa Continues To Go To The Cinema So You Don’t Have To

The Departed: Jolly. Much better than the deeply crappy Gangs of New York.
The Wind That Shakes the Barley: Quite enjoyed it; made me want to see Michael Collins.
Borat: The reviews describe the good jokes pretty well, so you don’t actually have to go and see this.
La Tourneuse de pages: very well acted; great fun.

I suppose I’m really just marking time, while waiting for Casino Royale to open.

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  1. Guess I needn’t feel bad about missing Borta Tuesday. Though several people have told me it’s good, I do feel 90 minutes of ‘oooh I’m foreign, I don’t know your customs, oops I’ve fallen over’ may be a bit much.

  2. It’s actually only 82 minutes, which is a fairly major point in its favour (the grotesquely overlong Pirates of the Caribbean 2 could well have benefited by its example) – and going from the quality of the deleted scenes on YouTube (one of which has Borat telling an arresting officer “If you make a human pyramid, can I be on the top?”, a line as funny and staggeringly offensive as anything else in the film) there was some fairly ruthless editing.

  3. I’m seeing that tomorrow, largely because the running time means I can squeeze it in between other appointments.

  4. Saw The Page Turner last night, as planned, and it was very good indeed – well worth 84 minutes of anyone’s time.

    But I won’t say any more about it because I knew next to nothing going in, and it’s the kind of film where this is a major advantage.

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