Public Service Announcement

The UK number one single on the day I was born was “Long Haired Lover From Liverpool” by Jimmy Osmond. I think I knew that, but it’s good to be reminded. [here, via]

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  1. Oh, thanks. I was having serious doubts about The Point Of It All, specifically in relation to getting out of bed today, even before I found out about KC & the Sunshine Band, ‘Give It Up’.

    I need to have words with my parents on the wisdom of having children in the eighties.

  2. You’re right, it isn’t very good but at least it isn’t “There’s no one quite like grandma!” bad!

    I suppose it doesnt have the Mormon camp factor your birthday number one has!

  3. Here, you’re younger than I thought.

    My birthday single: George McCrae – Rock Your Baby which has been a favourite song of mine for as long as I remember, now I know why…

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