0 thoughts on ““The most likely outcome of these mid-term elections is another major terror attack on America””

  1. It’s funny how conservatives claim to be inplacably committed to defend democracy from terror, yet seem to believe with a burning passion that the public deserve to be punished by suicide boombers for failing the vote in the right way…

    There is more of these kind of quotes over at CT and Wonkette.

  2. “I am currently in America.” Why is this sentence so strange? It isn’t just the “currently” — plague of a million cvs and short bios. Maybe it’s because it’s the opening sentence. It’s as if you pick up the phone and hear your friend announce “I am currently in America”. You would wonder what’s got into her. “I’m in America for a few days” would have been more like it.

  3. Personally, I’ve been very disappointed by her failure to go and see Borat and write a frothing denunciation.

    The “running of the Jew” scene alone would give her a conniption, and that’s before the opening credits – and this is currently the number one film at the US (and UK) box office.

    Surely this fact alone provides ample fuel for a lengthy screed about the decline of Western civilisation and its willingness to tolerate (and even laugh at) the most flagrant anti-Semitism?

  4. I was disappointed to discover that the US media doesn’t seem to use a swingometer in its election coverage. Until I switched over to Comedy Central, where Stephen Colbert was describing the results using a “catastrophometer” that measured the swing towards the Democrats on a scale from Jesus to Bin Laden.

  5. Hm… I have only recently read any of Ms. Phillips’ columns. It would appear that she is trying to prove that a British conservative pundit can be just as much of a nutter as American conservative pundits.

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