TCB (Special Saturday Domestic Harmony Edition)

It’s getting colder and wetter and darker outside, which means that muddy pawprints are becoming a bit more common around the house.

Enkidu stills seems to spend most of the day outside, doing whatever cat things he does out there, and checks in with me twice a day, at breakfast time, and whenever he gets in late at night, when he usually comes to wake me up to say hello.

Andromache, by contrast, tends to stay indoors and purr, happy now that I’ve restored a steady supply of tuna-flavoured catfood, rather than the chicken-themed muck I was trying to get her to enjoy.

Anyway: here’s Andromache washing Enkidu’s head a few minutes ago. Notice the rather complicated cat-toy-glove-thingummy.

More of the same:

A brief pause:

Headwashing resumes:

Enkidu shows off his clean head:

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